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Telepsychiatry / Virtual Practice



Dr. Kardong is a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Stanford University Medical Center. She is a Board Certified psychiatrist who has been providing care in Silicon Valley for the past 30 years and Expert Consulting/Expert Witness services for the past 10 years nationwide.

She is now extending her full range of services to online consulting, providing HIPAA-compliant virtual services in your own setting, a time-and-cost-effective alternative for busy professionals.  This includes virtual assistance to patients, attorneys, employers, other clinicians, clinics and hospitals.


A. Click HERE and follow the instructions below to Create a VSee Account and download the application. Make sure you go through all the steps.  You only need to register once. Prior to the appointment time, payment must be made through Square. All appointments for Telepsychiatry must be made through normal channels (email, phone, face to face etc), and I will put them into the system. At the scheduled time, open the application “VSee” and await my call.

Step 1: Enter email address and click “Free Sign Up”

Step 2: In your email, find email from “VSee” and click “Accept Gloria’s Invite”

Step 3: On the site that opens, fill in your name, create your password and click “Register”

Step 4: Follow the steps on the following screen to download, install, and login to the VSee application

Step 5: Wait for Dr. Kardong’s call and click “Accept.”

B.  Click HERE and to access the Patient Consent for Telepsychiatry.

C. Click HERE to make a secure On-line payment for your Appointment

D.  Click HERE to Convert Your Appointment Time to current Pacific Time.