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House Staff Mental Health Services

House Staff Mental Health Services

  • Virtual and On-site Care
  • Flexible Scheduling



Dr. Kardong is Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry Behavioral Science at Stanford University Medical Center.  She is a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. She has been teaching and supervising house staff for 30 years.  She understands the tremendous stress inherent in medical training and practice.  Trainees have traditionally suffered in silence due to the stigma and/or scheduling difficulties involved in seeking psychiatric care.


Dr. Kardong provides both virtual and on-site psychotherapy, psychopharmacology and consultation services for house staff nationwide.


She offers flexible scheduling for medical students, interns, residents, fellows and faculty who may have frequently changing work and on-call schedules.  This allows busy house staff to receive regular care that might otherwise be impossible due to many providers’ requirement of the same routine, recurring appointment time week to week.  She works with ever-changing calendars across time zones from west coast to east coast.


Dr. Kardong believes that seeking appropriate mental health treatment during training has a preventive effect on developing later problems and establishes the precedent of seeking future care when needed.