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Forensic Expert Consulting

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Forensic Services

  • Cost Effective Virtual Forensic Services
  • Traditional Onsite Forensic Services
  • Expert Witness/Consultant: Civil, Criminal, Prosecution, Defense
  • Medico-Legal Consultation to Attorneys
  • Preparation for Trial
  • Jury and Trial Consulting
  • Psychiatric Evaluations
  • File Review/Report
  • Depositions
  • In Court Testimony

Dr. Kardong has been providing medicolegal consultation to attorneys for the past 10 years.  This includes expert witness and expert consulting services for civil, criminal, prosecution and defense cases.  She also offers preparation for trial, jury and trial consulting as well as testimony in depositions and in court.  She performs psychiatric evaluations and file reviews as well.

Dr. Kardong understands the time and expense involved for attorneys and their clients needing these services when provided onsite in the expert’s or attorney’s location.  She now offers new, HIPAA protected virtual assistance for all of the same services provided onsite.

Attorneys can contain their costs by taking advantage of this.  Irrespective of where you are located and what resources are there, attorneys and clients can now access the virtual services of this premiere expert to support their case at far less cost.  Travel expenses are eliminated for all concerned.  The client can have their evaluation done at home or in their local attorney’s office, enhancing convenience and compliance and causing far less stress.  Ease of scheduling for all concerned is another benefit.

Dr. Kardong can also provide virtual in court testimony where permitted.

Dr. Kardong has provided consultation to the Stanford Schools of Law and Medicine and the California Medical Board.  Please click HERE for references.

She is knowledgable in all areas of psychiatry, psychiatric mitigating factors and psychiatric consequences of all forms of personal injury.  Her specialty areas include PTSD; Women’s Health Care, including pregnancy-related issues, postpartum depression and psychosis.

Medical malpractice; wrongful death; psychological autopsies and impaired professional are additional areas of interest.